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Li/FeS2 battery
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Model Picture Nominal Voltage
Nominal Capcity
Standard Discharge Current
Max.Discharge Current(mA)
continuous    Pulse
Diam.(D)    Height(H)
IEC Reference Model Spec. Consultation
AA 1.5 3000 35 2000    3000 14.5    50.5 16.0 FR6 FR14505
AAA 1.5 1000 20 1500    2000 10.5    44.5 7.3 FR03 FR10445

Li/FeS2 battery

Li/FeS2 battery:

Lithium iron battery is a battery, a lithium battery.

The cathode material of the lithium battery is ferrous disulfide (FeS2), the negative electrode is lithium metal (Li), and the electrolyte is an organic solvent containing lithium salt. The battery is made by winding, and the ferrous disulfide is reduced and the metal lithium is oxidized when discharged. Its energy density of about 297Wh / kg, the nominal voltage is 1.5V, the new battery open circuit voltage of nearly 1.8V, then load the terminal voltage of about 1.5V, compared to other categories of lithium batteries are low-voltage lithium batteries, the market widely used models Is AA type and AAA type. Compared with the same type of alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries, Li / FeS2 battery both from low temperature performance, high current discharge capacity, or storage life, have obvious advantages, the actual working discharge voltage can be compatible with alkaline batteries.

Lithium / iron disulfide battery is a new type of high-energy lithium battery, with a light weight, high energy, high current discharge capacity and so on. Stable discharge, long shelf life, excellent safety performance, especially suitable for heavy load occasions, has become the best portable electronic products power.

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·Digital Camera

·Portable devices


·Medical equipmet

·Memory backup power sources

Product Features:

·High and stable operating voltage

·High energy density (3 to 10 times higher than other non-lithium batteries)

·Wide operating temperature range (-40℃ to 60℃)(Depends on battery type,output current and environment condition)

·Low self-discharge rate (Less than 1% per year at room temperature)

·Long shelf life (90% capacity remaining after 10 year's storage at 20℃)

·Superior leakage resistance

·EXtremely safe (UL(MH45237/MH49306),UN38.3,CE and RoHS certificated)

·Environmental protection (Don't contain toxic materials,noxious liquids or gases)

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